What we do and why

The UK Comms market is typified by...

Light-touch regulation and sharp-selling practicesPoor after-sale support & serviceEmerging technologies & best-fit solutions ignored in favour of immediate saleLong term contractual tie-ins often hidden at point of saleUnit-cost loading by Resellers to generate additional revenueNo industry ‘standard’ and wide disparity in technical expertise makes it very difficult for clients to make an informed decisionNo opportunity to build trust.

How Net Telecoms differentiates itself...

• Exceptional in-house technical expertise in unified & emerging comms technologies
• First-class B2B pedigree; 30+ years of blue-chip key-account-management/consultancy shared between Net Telecoms Principals both in & out of comms sector
• Consulting capability enables client-analysis from a 'whole-of-business' perspective not just comms in isolation, ensuring ‘best-fit’ advice
• Standard practice to consult with Professional Advisors to Client Businesses
• Tiered client-engagement programme - ability to flex contract terms/deliverables/cost
• Retention as 3rd party outsourced-function for a nominal annual fee with formalised customer service agreement including but not limited to:

Dedicated support protocols - urgent-response
Business continuity provisions
Ad-hoc efficiency-analysis at client request
Independent assessment of any counter proposals from 3rd parties
Insights into relevant emerging technologies, processes and solutions (in plain-English!)
Annual review and recommendation

• Acting as a trusted filter from relentless comms 'noise & harassment' – being our clients outsourced Comms function and leaving them free to run their own business
• Route to client; most often introduction from client business' own, trusted Professional Advisers
• An overarching commitment to transparency & integrity in everything we do

Our engagement process...

NDA-bound initial consultation & collation of key information
Diagnostic analysis
Present initial report findings for discussion
Recommendations and implementation proposal as appropriate
Contractual engagement
'Non-interruption' installation program
Support & Maintenance agreement
Retention of services scoping and agreement